March is OSHA’s National Ladder Safety Month sponsored by the American Ladder Institute (ALI). Companies and individuals are both encouraged to join these organizations in the only movement exclusively dedicated to ladder safety. It aims to raise awareness and prevent the 100 deaths and thousands of disabling injuries caused by ladder-related incidents each year. 

This month we would like to share OSHA and ALI’s resources for improving ladder safety in the workplace. This will include various safety information pamphlets and training modules that can be accessed at: With these resources companies can work to decrease the possibility of ladder-related injuries by increasing in-person ladder trainings, improving inspection and disposal of old, damaged or obsolete ladders, and boosting the circulation of ladder safety training certificates issued by ALI. 

DII is your partner in workplace safety. Our team of safety experts can work with you to understand the steps you should take to improve your workplace safety and implement proper ladder usage. Please contact your DII representative for more information.  #NationalLadderSafetyMonth #taketherightsteps

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