This August 7th-13th is national Safe + Sound Week. This week is a designated time to take action and acknowledge the efforts made throughout the year to improve workplace safety and health. This year, participants are encouraged to reaffirm their commitment to safety and health by taking the Safe + Sound pledge. 

A key component of an effective safety program is the systematic process of finding and fixing workplace hazards. Traditional approaches are often reactive, addressing hazards after an injury, new regulation, or external inspection reveals a problem. However, a proactive approach that identifies and addresses hazards before they cause harm proves to be more effective.

To adopt a systematic, find and fix approach, businesses should involve workers, as they possess valuable insights into hazardous conditions and potential solutions. This approach entails reviewing all available information on potential hazards, conducting inspections to identify emerging risks, investigating incidents to determine root causes, and evaluating options using the "hierarchy of controls." Additionally, businesses should consider safeguarding workers during emergencies and nonroutine activities and ensuring existing controls remain intact and effective.

Safe + Sound week participants are urged to conduct a safety walkaround, whether they regularly inspect their workplace or are just initiating a safety and health program for the first time. By setting aside time to identify and prioritize safeguards, businesses can effectively manage safety and health hazards, ensuring worker safety.

To learn more about participating in Safe + Sound Week, reach out to an agent at Diversified, or visit:

DII is your partner in job-site safety. Our team of experts can work with you to understand the best ways to keep your workers safe by proactively preventing and fixing protentional hazards before they arise. Please contact your DII representative for more information. #Safe+Sound #August #USDL #OSHA

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