The transportation, construction and excavation industries have been transformed by Fleet telematics – a software system that provides GPS, sensor monitoring, engine diagnostics, and speed data into a single interface that can be accessed online for review by logistics teams, management, and safety compliance officers.

Telematics is also proving crucial in what has become known as the Internet of Things that Move (IoTtM); specifically, in transport and freight. These sectors have been leading adopters of IoT technology, with the data it provides allowing for more efficient routing and scheduling as well as generally better-optimized use of resources.

Telematics provides many benefits to a fleet operator:

  • Reduced fuel costs. Telematics provides the ability to create direct route planning, reducing job site bottlenecks and cutting engine idling.
  • Proactive mechanical issue alerts - address these problems sooner and thereby reduce the danger of downtime
  • Automatic communication - Telematics significantly reduces the need for human operators and drivers to check in and report back, automating much of this process.
  • Safety management through monitoring both driver and operative behavior vehicle performance.

With a real-(ish) time data dashboard, fleet managers can also monitor unusual behavior such as erratic behavior by a driver, and the manager can send emergency assistance straight to the site where it is needed, through location tracking.

Data helps managers and safety officers “see” what’s happening even when drivers and their crews are remote. By monitoring the equipment used use while on the job, insights about the work being performed are also observable. This enhanced safety protection can also reflect in your insurance premiums.

DII provides tips and insights into safety as it relates to insurance and business continuity. To learn more about how telematics can affect your insurance, please contact your DII representative.

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