This April 11th - 15th marks the 3rd annual National Stand-Down to Prevent Struck-by Incidents in coordination with National Work Zone Awareness Week. On April 11th, CPWR the Center for Construction Research and Training will be discussing how to prevent roadway work zone incidents. This safety information is important for both vehicle operators and other construction workers as about five workers are killed each month and more are injured from being hit or backed over by a construction vehicle. 

For vehicle operators, CPWR describes what safety measures to take before and while operating equipment. Before operating a construction vehicle, workers need to ensure the service, emergency, and parking brakes are all working properly. Additionally, check the functionality of the back-up alarms, horns, and steering mechanisms. While operating a construction vehicle avoid backing up when possible and park so you can pull in and out by only driving forward. Turn off radios and other distractions, keep windows open, check blind spots, use the back-up alarm, use a spotter, and make sure you both understand the correct hand signaling. 

For those working around vehicles, stay alert. Make eye contact with the operator or spotter before walking near a vehicle, don’t stand in a vehicle's shadow, listen for alarms, and wear high visibility clothing. Most importantly, watch out for your fellow workers. 

To access these resources or go to CPWR’s webinar on roadway work zone incidents on April 11th, Visit: 


DII is your partner in workplace safety. Our team of safety experts can work with you to understand the steps you should take to improve your workplace safety and implement proper training to prevent struck-by incidents. Please contact your DII representative for more information. #NationalStand-Down #PreventStruck-byIncidents 

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