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Even the most responsible drivers use devices while driving. These devices include GPS maps on phones or embedded in the dashboard, radio that is either managed by the dashboard or on a phone app, and navigating through the many menus included in newer car’s technology console.

The push for addressing distracted driving has historically focused on mobile device use. As the hand held phone has shifted to blue tooth enabled hands-free systems, the distracted driving issue has morphed into a new kind of distraction: Paying attention to conversation broadcast over the car radio by Bluetooth or GPS “turn here” alerts causes distraction that is the same on both handheld and hands-free devices, because the driver’s brain is allotting some of its processing power to the phone conversation rather than scanning the road, tracking the movement and position of other vehicles and watching for hazards.

As you continue driving, take note of the differences in your ability to concentrate as you hear different sounds and commands in your car. You may be surprised at the impact these sounds have on your concentration. DII is your partner in combatting distracted driving, and we bring these issues to light in an effort to make the roads safer for everyone.

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