The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has declared October 17-23 as Teen Driver Safety Week.

To help get the conversation started with your teen, they have provided some guidance about talking with teens about driver safety. While we know teens can be a little defensive about their driving, it’s important to have these Do’s and Don’ts stay with them as they exercise their independence on the road.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • DO wear a seat belt and make sure all passengers do as well
  • DO be sober when driving
  • DO be careful with medications and driving
  • Don’t exceed the speed limit
  • Don’t be distracted by phone, radio, horseplay in the car
  • Don’t take on extra passengers

The late fall events such as prom, sports events, and other school-related activities bring driving habits to our full attention. It is important for our teens to keep themselves and their friends safe by practicing good habits behind the wheel.

DII will continue to provide updates and talking points for new drivers and their parents. We are your partner not only in insurance but in protecting your family from preventable accidents. If you have any questions about teen driver safety, please contact your DII representative.

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