Everyone who works in a restaurant has a role to play in keeping customers safe. In order to do this, there are certain pieces of key information that workers and restaurant operators at every level must know. To spread this information and awareness for food safety, the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation is sponsoring National Food Safety Education Month this September.

Food handlers have an important role in keeping food safe since many handlers come in direct contact with the food that is served to customers. Knowing simple and safe food handling practices can help prevent the spread of pathogens and keep customers protected from any food-borne illnesses. Food handlers and servers must also be aware of how to handle alcohol service and allergens like the Big 9 Ingredients of most common food allergies. While safe-food-handling practices may be easy to learn, they can also be easy to forget. Therefore, it is important that food handlers often revisit how to perform basic food safety standards and best practices like when to wash your hands to prevent cross-contamination when handling food.

Food managers have an important role in keeping food safe by following and creating specific self-inspection lists. By learning what to look for in health inspections, managers can run regular assessments and make preparation a part of their staff’s and their own regular routine. 

In order for the food handlers and managers to succeed in keeping food safe, the company’s leadership and executive team has the responsibility of first developing a culture of food safety. This culture must emphasize cleanliness, accountability, teamwork, and the importance of following recognized food safety systems and protocols. A set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that constitute an entire organization takes careful reflection, planning, and investment that senior leadership must lead and continually reinforce.

To learn more about Food Safety Month and how you can participate, visit: https://www.foodsafetyfocus.com/national-food-safety-month-2022      

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