What you hear and see

We built this company for you, the small business owner.  We can save up to 30% on Workers’ compensation cost. We tailor coverage to you, easy as Pie.

What you don’t:

  • This is a Tech-based company using Venture Capital money to generate returns for investors. Nothing wrong with that, but the jargon is misleading
  • WC coverage is statutory; each state dictates what is, and what is not, a WC claim. There is no “better” coverage in this line of insurance, though there is complexity – not easily assessed in 3 minutes
  • The company is highly rated in Trustpilot.com. They have all of 242 Excellent reviews (as of 7.14.21). A.M. Best is the industry standard for assessing the quality and financial viability of insurance firms. Trustpilot is a consumer review website based in Denmark. 242 represents .0000074 of the 32.5 million US Businesses
  • “Up to 30%” means – well, nothing
  • Who adjudicates claims?  Turns out – a third party vendor, not a carrier employee
  • In the quest to build a better mousetrap, this company first attempted to access business by going directly to employers. Didn’t work; they now use independent agents

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