New NSC Research shows Most US Workers in favor of Vaccine Requirements for Work

As a part of the National Safety Council’s SAFER initiative, the NSC conducted interviews and surveys from June-August 2021 and has comprised responses representative of 300 US based employers and 3785 individuals.

The findings show that employer vaccine requirements increased vaccination rates by 35%. Moreover, vaccine requirements are well-received by a majority of the US workforce and by customers who enter businesses where the employees are vaccinated.

These and other key findings from the report informed the development of recommended actions for employers for long-term COVID-19 safety practices.

Recommendations include:

  • Implement vaccination requirements for in-person work and require frequent, regular PCR testing of individuals who can’t or won’t get vaccinated
  • Reduce barriers to access and increase vaccinations through paid time off and transparent communication about vaccine guidance
  • Encourage employee discussion around COVID-19 issues, such as boosters, variants and workplace safety guidelines
  • Reduce in-person work if possible in order to minimize exposure opportunities


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