Distracted driving claims an alarming toll on lives every day, with nine individuals losing their lives on average due to distracted driving crashes. However, by taking simple yet crucial steps, we can significantly reduce the risks not only for ourselves but also for those sharing the road with us. April marks Distracted Driving Awareness Month, and the National Safety Council (NSC) invites you to join the movement and access free resources aimed at spreading the critical message: when behind the wheel, your sole responsibility is to drive.

Cell phones stand out as a leading distraction while driving, with countless drivers spending extended periods on their devices daily. Despite witnessing distracted drivers on the road, many fail to recognize their own moments of distraction. The pervasive use of "infotainment" dashboards and hands-free technology in vehicles further exacerbates the problem, leading drivers to believe these features are safe. However, research suggests that such technologies continue to distract drivers even after use, emphasizing convenience over safety.

As we delve into Distracted Driving Awareness Month, it's imperative to debunk the myth of multitasking behind the wheel. Engaging in phone conversations while driving demands significant cognitive effort, impairing the ability to focus on either task effectively. This cognitive overload often translates into delayed reactions and compromised awareness of traffic signals, contributing to the incidence of crashes.

The issue of cell phone-related crashes is compounded by underreporting, as no standardized test exists to detect cell phone use post-crash. Consequently, the true extent of the problem remains obscured, highlighting the urgent need for more comprehensive data collection methods.

NSC's initiative offers a plethora of resources, including access to a safe-driving pledge, informative posters, and social media kits, empowering individuals, and workplaces to prioritize road safety. Additionally, NSC members gain exclusive access to webinars and toolkits aimed at fostering a culture of safety on the road.

Ultimately, there is no safe way to use a cell phone while driving. Even hands-free conversations can impair drivers' situational awareness, leading to potentially catastrophic consequences. As we navigate Distracted Driving Awareness Month, let us unite in our commitment to combat distracted driving and prioritize the safety of all road users. Join us in spreading the crucial message: when driving, your undivided attention can save lives. To learn more about Distracted Driving Awareness Month, reach out to an agent at Diversified or visit: https://www.nsc.org/road/safety-topics/distracted-driving/cell-phone-distracted-driving? for more information.

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