The recognition by The Baltimore Sun as a Top Workplace in 2023 is more than an accolade; it's a reflection of DII's incredible work environment. This award, determined by team member feedback, highlights DII's success in creating a workplace that values open communication, employee development, and a positive work-life balance. It underscores the company's commitment to fostering a culture where employees feel valued and motivated.

DII's Journey to Excellence

Founded in 1969, DII's remarkable journey is rooted in the vision of Jack Wurfl, who started the company with a commitment to integrity and client service. He left post-WWII Germany as an orphan, eventually settling in Baltimore, Maryland. There, he started his family and founded DII in 1969. 

His principles of trust, client relationships, and risk management advice have been central to DII's operations. Jack still actively participates in DII's business operations and instills his values of treating others with dignity and respect. His story is a testament to resilience and the pursuit of the American Dream.

Over the decades, DII has evolved, adapting to industry changes while maintaining a steadfast focus on personalized insurance solutions. This dedication to excellence, both in service and internal culture, has positioned DII as a leader in the insurance sector.

What Makes DII a Top Workplace? 

Team Members at DII cite several factors that contribute to its standing as a top workplace. The inclusive and supportive atmosphere, opportunities for professional growth, and a leadership team that listens and acts on feedback are part of the culture drivers that have made DII the great place to work that it is today. The company's focus on the well-being of their people, and its efforts to maintain a collaborative and engaging work environment are key reasons employees feel proud to be part of DII.

DII's Award-Winning Culture

DII's award as a Top Workplace highlights its deep commitment to nurturing a positive and inclusive company culture. This achievement reflects the company's dedication to professional development, work-life balance, and a supportive work environment.


Becoming a Top Workplace in 2023

DII's success as a Top Workplace is rooted in its emphasis on the satisfaction and engagement of their professional team. The company's strategies in maintaining a dynamic and fulfilling environment have been key to this recognition.

Being named a Top Workplace in Baltimore is a proud moment for DII, underscoring its efforts in creating an excellent work environment and its commitment to the well-being of its people.

DII’s Commitment to Excellence

DII's recognition as one of Baltimore's Top Workplaces in 2023 is not just a reflection of its commitment to its people but also a testament to its longstanding dedication to client service and business integrity. Solidly rooted in over five decades of experience, DII continues to focus on its mission to forge strong relationships with its clients, protect what matters most to them, and provide impeccable service. This accolade highlights DII's success as a dynamic and responsive leader in the insurance industry, anchored in its rich history and driven by a future-focused vision.

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