OSHA’s policies diligently enforce and maintain our safety at work, and they continue to educate employers and employees through their year-round Safe + Sound campaign. This campaign encourages every workplace to have and uphold their own safety and health program. To reinforce the importance of these programs and extend awareness, OSHA invites all companies to participate in Safe + Sound Week this August 15-21. 

The goal of Safe + Sound Week is to get more health and safety programs started or energize any existing programs. Successful programs are crucial in proactively identifying and managing workplace hazards before they cause injury or illness, while simultaneously saving money and improving a company’s competitiveness. 

During Safe + Sound Week, OSHA encourages employers and company leaders to plan activities for the workplace to promote health and safety on the job. Over the next week we will post ideas and example activities to be used in your workplace over Safe + Sound Week. To get a head start and find discussion examples and graphics to plan and promote your activities, visit the Safe + Sound Week website at: osha.gov/safeandsoundweek/plan-and-promote

DII is your partner in workplace health and safety. Our team of experts can work with you to understand how to plan activities for Safe + Sound Week and how to reach your workplace audience. Please contact your DII representative for more information.  #WorkplaceSafety #OSHA #Safe+SoundWeek

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