If employees or customers regularly come into your office building, your safety responsibility begins as soon as anyone arrives on the building premises. Slip and fall injuries rise in winter conditions, so we have gathered some tips for property maintenance that will help keep everyone safe.

  1. On snowy mornings, designate a person to arrive early and inspect the premises. If salt needs to be applied to specific icy patches, or a reminder call needs to be made to your snowplow company, this can be address prior to the arrival of your full staff.
  2. Watch out for trailblazers – as the weather gets colder, sometimes employees take shortcuts between their car and the door. These can cross un-shoveled areas present a hazard. Place barriers across any makeshift paths identified on your premises.
  3. Parking lot lighting is important during the darker winter months. A bright parking lot allows employees to see any icy areas and avoid them.
  4. If the parking lot is not level, causing predictable icy spots during every cold snap, consider blocking off that part of the lot in cold weather until repairs can be made.
  5. When snow is predicted, proactively place safety alerts near entrances, walkways and steps to remind employees to slow down and be safe.

DII is your partner in staying safe this winter and in all the winters to come. If you have any questions about how to increase safety at your business location, please contact your DII representative.

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