It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Holiday parties and shopping trips have us out and about more than usual, and the new arrival of snow may mean some slippery walkways outside businesses and homes. We have gathered some tips for staying upright on an icy walkway to help you avoid injury this season.

  1. When crossing a slippery patch, do the Penguin Walk! Keep your feet close together and keep your knees slightly bent in order to keep your weight evenly distributed across the entire sole of the foot.
  2. Dress shoes are hazardous on an icy walkway – consider wearing boots or sturdy shoes until you arrive indoors.
  3. Clean all car windows completely before driving in winter conditions. It may be tempting to clear just a small bit of the windshield, however a complete view of driving conditions is very important.
  4. When clearing snow around objects such as cars and walkways, make sure to watch where you’re walking. Snow can obscure curbs and other obstacles, causing a fall.
  5. Arrival at a new location can present an ice hazard – before exiting your vehicle, check the ground to make sure you are not parked on top of an icy patch.
  6. It’s a good idea to buy new windshield wiper blades at the beginning of each winter. Snow and salt can cause fragile wiper blades to break off.
  7. Remember to pack your car with a small bag of salt AND a small bag of sand to help get you out of an icy spot.

DII is your partner in staying safe this winter and in all the winters to come. If you have any questions about winter safety, please contact your DII representative.

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