It’s the Public Service Announcement we all hear around the holidays from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and It’s a good reminder about how holiday parties can increase your personal risk in the event of impaired driving and auto accidents.

Let’s break it down in a quick Question and Answer format:

Q: I don’t drink alcohol, but I do like a good edible from time to time. Does that count as buzzed driving?

A: While many people claim to be able to drive under the influence of alternative substances, if you are involved in an accident while high, you will be charged with impaired driving.

Q: I can tell when I’m too drunk to drive. Why can’t I just use my judgement?

A: Alcohol can cause different levels of impairment based on external factors such as how much and what kind of food you have had with the alcohol, how fatigued you are in general, and how much social pressure you are under to drink at an event. The best way to avoid any issues is to simply substitute alcohol with a nonalcoholic beverage if you plan to drive.

Q: Am I responsible for an accident caused by a drunk driver who leaves my party?

A: According to this source there is some liability if you live in a state with “Social Host Liability” laws. It is a good idea to watch your guests closely and provide accommodations if they are impaired.

The holidays are a happy time of year filled with family and friends. Let’s enjoy the season with these special people and be safe when driving to and from get-togethers.

DII is your partner in premises and homeowner liability. If you have any questions about impaired driving liability, please contact your DII Representative.

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