This past April 9th, the Maryland General Assembly just enacted a Paid Family and Medical Leave (PMFL) Insurance Program and Law. The successful passing of this law notably overrides Governor Larry Hogan’s veto. It will cover all employers and employees who have worked a minimum of 680 hours in the last year. The state will set contribution rates by June 1st 2023, payroll contributions by employers and employees to the fund that pays for these benefits will begin this October 1st 2023, and leave benefits are available in 2025. During leave, workers will receive up to 90% of their wages, however, employers with less than 15 employees are not required to contribute to the program. 

This program will run in conjunction with other leave acts, and employees are required to exhaust their other employer-provided leave options that are not required by law before opting into PFML. Additionally employers can trade their current plans for PMFL if the benefits meet or exceed this new program. 

The main highlights of PMFL include: employers can require 30 days’ written notice of foreseeable leave, but employee PMFL requests are granted by the state. PMFL is granted in the cases of personal or family member health, new child bonding, or care for a service member and other qualifying military contingencies. The program grants 12 weeks of leave per year and an additional 12 weeks for personal health reasons and new child bonding. Leave is job-protected, health coverage is maintained during this time, and employers must bring awareness to this law both annually and during employee hire. 

To learn more about Maryland’s Paid Family and Medical Leave Law (PFML), Visit: 

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