This April 11th - 15th marks the 3rd annual National Stand-Down to Prevent Struck-by Incidents in coordination with National Work Zone Awareness Week. CPWR the Center for Construction Research and Training has resources for best practices for preventing struck-by injuries from cranes and heavy equipment. This safety information is important for both equipment operators and other construction-site personnel as multiple workers have been killed and more injured from heavy equipment like excavator quick couplers, buckets, and attachments falling on them.

Hydraulic excavators are used all around construction sites to move large quantities of earth. Quick couplers are a piece of machinery on this equipment that allows for the rapid change of buckets and other attachments on the end of the excavator dipper arms. This quick coupler device increases job-site efficiency, but when a bucket or attachment unintentionally detaches, fatal injuries can occur. 

To help prevent these injuries, NIOSH has put together some key safety tips: While employers must provide adequate training for quick coupler operators, it is important that workers know to never work beneath a bucket, attachment, or load, or be within the swing radius of an operating excavator. Before use, ensure the coupler is properly engaged using safety checks. Adhere to regular maintenance of the heavy equipment and only use manufacturer-approved and compatible attachments.

To access these resources or go to CPWR’s website:

DII is your partner in workplace safety. Our team of safety experts can work with you to understand the steps you should take to improve your workplace safety and implement proper training to prevent struck-by incidents. Please contact your DII representative for more information.
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