New CDC guidelines were released on May 13. DII is committed to helping our employer partners recover quickly and safely from the pandemic, and is offering the following updates regarding vaccinations, masks and cleaning. 

Employers and Vaccinations: 

  • Employers can encourage vaccination among employees by offering paid work time for the shot, as well as an additional day/2 days off after the second shot to accommodate side effects of the vaccine. Please communicate leave.
  • Employers can legally require their employees to get a COVID-19 vaccine. If employees oppose vaccines for medical or religious reasons may request accommodations. It is important to navigate these discussions carefully, as some states are introducing measures that may prevent employers from requiring vaccines.
  • Employers are allowed to request proof of vaccination from employees. Under the ADA this is not considered a medical examination and does not fall under a disability-related injury. However, when requesting vaccination proof, an employer MAY NOT ask an employee to explain their rational for not being vaccinated. 
  • Employers may restrict or prohibit access to portions of the work place to unvaccinated employees, particularly if the work area is related to public safety or undermines compliance with OSHA’s general duty clause requiring a safe workplace for everyone. 

Indoor Behavior at Work:

  • According to the latest guidance form the CDC, fully vaccinated people do not need to wear masks or socially distance either indoors or outdoors at a work environment. 
  • Work spaces do not need to be deep cleaned/fogged unless state and local protocols require it. Regular cleaning and disinfecting with EPA approved COVID-19 disinfectants is still important. 

For more information, please review “Interim Public Health Recommendations for Fully Vaccinated People,” from 

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