May is National Electrical Safety Month. This month different companies and organizations are encouraged to boost awareness and bring attention to why electrical preventive maintenance is so important. Electrical system maintenance increases safety and reduces losses that occur from electrically-related accidents. Reduce your risk of fire, expensive equipment breakdown, and business interruption by implementing a preventive program. To start your own electrical equipment maintenance program, you first need to follow the applicable code requirements and manufacturer recommendations specific to your equipment. Regular and routine maintenance is extremely important, where preventive maintenance should occur at least every three years. This maintenance should be done by qualified personnel to safely and effectively maintain your equipment.

When developing an electrical preventive maintenance program, keep it focused on the most common and frequent problems that lead to electrical fires and equipment failures. This should include creating and enforcing inspections, routine cleaning, and other preventive measures to make sure any electrical apparatuses are kept clean, cool, dry, and tight. 

To keep your electronics clean, ensure the rooms they are kept in are free from dust and dirt. Don’t use electrical equipment rooms for storage, limit authorized access to operations and maintenance personnel, and maintain proper lighting for efficient operation. To keep your electronics cool, prevent overheating by providing cooling fans on the equipment, ventilation in equipment enclosures, and change all filters on a routine schedule. Overheating can be a fire hazard and also shorten the life of expensive equipment. To keep your electronics dry, ensure room moisture is minimized and check for moisture contamination. To keep your electronics tight, check all connections and chords are secure, follow manufacture instructions for re-tightening, and utilize infrared imaging surveys to test for loose connections.

DII is your partner in electrical safety. Our team of experts can work with you to understand how to protect your employees and workplace by implementing electrical preventive maintenance programs. Please contact your DII representative for more information.  #ElectricalSafety #PreventiveMaintenance

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