It is again that time of the year where hurricane season is upon us. To prepare for any upcoming hurricanes and create a response plan, OSHA and the EHS daily advisor have highlighted how businesses should anticipate hurricane season. Hurricanes are a type of tropical storm that have circulating air and wind speeds that reach 74 to over 155 miles per hour. These storms are classified into Categories 1 through 5 based on their wind speed, however, all hurricanes are dangerous and require thorough preparatory measures. Areas such as: the Gulf of Mexico, the Atlantic Coast, and certain parts of the Southwestern United States are at the highest risk for hurricanes.

It is especially important for businesses in these areas to be prepared for the many devastating safety hazards that can be brought about by hurricanes when they touch land. OSHA mandates that employers are responsible for providing their workers with an evacuation plan so that everyone can be brought to safety during a hurricane occurrence. According to OSHA, this evacuation plan must cover and include at least 6 main conditions in order to be effective in a hurricane emergency. The 6 conditions that must be thought out are: (1) conditions that will trigger the plan, (2) the chain of command, (3) emergency functions and who performs them, (4) specific evacuation procedures, routes, and exits, (5) procedures for account for all employees, customers, and visitors, and (6) the necessary personnel equipment. In addition to an evacuation plan, OSHA also recommends that businesses always have emergency supply kits on hand in hurricane shelter locations. 

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