All electrical systems have the potential to cause harm and violations in protective electrical standards occur when wiring is not correctly labeled. This May during National Electrical Safety Month, different companies and organizations are encouraged to boost awareness and bring attention to the hazards of electrical equipment and why there are electrical standards in place. OSHA has created these nationally enforced electrical standards where all types of electrical installations must meet or exceed these standards and recognize consensus codes. 

Standard violations often occur when electrical wiring is not labeled correctly. To increase safety and prevent violations, OSHA describes what labels should include and why it’s important. The most important thing to include in a wire label is the purpose of the wiring. This helps when troubleshooting power outages or surges throughout the facility. The installation date should also be included so it is known how old an electrical system is to help when planning upgrades. The criticality should also be written on the label. It is important to know if a power source is supporting a critical machine or area to the facility so that maintenance staff take precautions before cutting power. The levels of electrical cutoff loads should be included on the label to identify how much electricity can travel through a specific electrical system before the fuse or other cutoff will occur. This is helpful when incorporating additional machines or other equipment that draw electricity. Lastly, wire labels should include any and all warnings that pertain to the electrical equipment. 

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