Manufacturing is a critical element of our nation’s infrastructure, and maintaining worker safety in a manufacturing facility helps the entire plant become more productive. Below are our top safety tips for reducing injury risk in a manufacturing facility:

  • Surfaces matter: All surfaces in a manufacturing facility should be debris and substance free. Many worker injuries are related to kick/slip/trip on items on the floor. An overlooked area for accidents includes slippery handles, dust and debris on operations consoles and sharp edges. On your next walk-through, review all surfaces that are touched and traveled by your workers.
  • Posture matters: Watch your workers on the job – does their work require a slouched position? Are they sitting correctly in their machinery? Musculoskeletal claims are expensive and lengthy. If your workers are slouching or not using the ergonomic solutions provided, document the dates this was oberved, and schedule ergonomic training for your team.
  • IEDs and Fire Extinguishers matter: On your next walk through, ask some of the workers if they can point to the nearest IED, fire extinguisher and/or eye wash station. If they are not aware of the location of these safety devices, they can’t use them. Educate workers about the location of all safety equipment.
  • Lockout/Tagout Procedures matter: For staff who maintain and service equipment, the lockout/tagout procedures in your workplace are essential to their safety. If they work on a piece of equipment, they need to know that it won’t start up or release stored energy, which can lead to serious injury or death. On your next walk through, request a demonstration of the lockout/tagout procedure.

DII is your partner in risk reduction and insurance coverage for the manufacturing industry. Our experts can help manage risk both through increased safety and risk mitigation through individualized coverage that addresses the specific risk in each facility.

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