The week of May 3-7 is National Safety Stand-Down week, which is an OSHA program designed to prevent falls in construction.

We realize that all construction companies are different in the types of work performed, therefore presenting different ways to prepare for a stand-down.

Here's how to prepare a presentation for your own Safety Stand-Down:

  • Decide what types of falls your crew may need to prevent. Are your workers on ladders or roofs, do they work near stairs?  Sometimes a dangerous fall occurs in a not-very-dangerous location.
  • Create specific areas for improvement. Take a look at injury reports from the last year to identify patterns or preventable accidents.
  • Think about the fall protection personal protective equipment (PPE) and other safety equipment provided to your crews. Is it sufficient? Is it being used correctly and consistently?

Improving safety compliance in your crew can be as easy as these three steps. It doesn't have to be complicated to reap the rewards of increased safety.

More helpful resources for National Safety Stand-down Week are below:

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