This week we take a pause with OSHA to recognize workplace safety gains, and pause to review our own workplace Safety and Health programs. We recommend signing up for the OSHA Safe & Sound week (August 9-15) series of nationwide events here:

During Safe & Sound week, employers are challenged to “Take 3 in 30” – implement three new safety measures in the next month to help your employees enjoy even greater safety. Employers are specifically encouraged to pick from these activities:

  • Have daily conversations about safety with workers
  • Walk the floor to identify safety hazards
  • Host a safety meeting
  • Write a company newsletter article about safety tips
  • Spot workers who meet or exceed safety goals
  • Allocate additional resources toward health and safety programs
  • Find or become a safety mentor
  • Establish or update a written safety and/or health policy

DII encourages our clients who are employers to make health and safety part of every workday. If you need help establishing a workplace safety plan, please contact your DII representative.

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