The National Utility Contractors Association has declared this June “Trench Safety Month.” Week 4 discusses the best practices for Securing Heavy Equipment Loads. This is important because incidents involving the loss of heavy equipment or other loads that have been improperly secured can result in severe injuries or even fatalities. Thus, precautions must be taken to prevent any movement of a load during transport.

To avoid any accidents when securing heavy equipment loads, follow these common rules of heavy loads:

  1. Secure the equipment to the trailer with chains or straps as recommended by the equipment manufacturers
  2. Use 4 to 6 different load securing devices that pull the equipment in four different directions
  3. Restrain any movement in the lateral, forward, rearward, and vertical directions
  4. Lower all hydraulic or mechanical attachments while in transport
  5. Engage all parking brakes or locking fixtures on the equipment
  6. Remove residual energy within the hydraulic system
  7. Remove all loose debris–stones, dirt, gravel– from the trailer before transporting 
  8. Inspect securement devices prior to transport 
  9. The load should never exceed trailer or truck capacity

To find more best practices or go into further specifications for securing heavy equipment loads, please visit:

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